KAN-therm: Frameless and beautiful: Slim and Slim+ Cabinets
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Frameless and beautiful: Slim and Slim+ Cabinets

The new line of recess mounted cabinets with innovative frameless design is another novelty which we introduce to the market this spring.

Slim and Slim+ cabinets are unique products developed by KAN-therm constructors. They owe their name to slim construction of fronts, which perfectly fit the wall surface. Investors will surely appreciate their modern design and high hygienic and aesthetic values. Installers, on the other hand, will enjoy easy and fast installation, without the need for additional tools, as well as simple construction. 


How do new Slim and Slim+ cabinets differ from other cabinets in our offer?

The most important changes that we have introduced in relation to the cabinets from our current offer:

• the frame, which was attached to the cabinet body by means of special outriggers, has been removed from the cabinet design,

• the thickness of the cabinet front has been reduced.

Such solutions allowed to obtain a product with significantly increased aesthetic and hygienic values. Thanks to the elimination of the frame, the new cabinets fit perfectly with wall surface, thus reducing the amount of surfaces where dust or dirt deposit.

The new design of cabinets translates also to a number of utility improvements that will be appreciated by installers during assembly, such as markers informing about the minimum and maximum height of the floor and the possibility of cabinet depth adjustment by means of specially adjustable hooks.

 Design utilised up to now (with a frame)                                       A new frameless design


Recess mounted cabinets are embedded in a wall furrow, which allows for an aesthetic concealment of the manifold and other installation components in the construction of a building partition. The removable front allows for convenient access to all devices, and is locked to the cabinet body with a coin-operated lock. We offer models with different dimensions, which allows us to adjust them to specific applications and available space. 


Depending on application we distinguish two new unique constructions:

Recess mounted Slim cabinets — intended for mounting radiator manifolds or manifolds serving domestic water systems. There are several variants of Slim cabinet width available.



Recess mounted Slim+ cabinets — designed for mounting manifolds for surface heating and control automation elements. There are several variants of Slim+ cabinet width available.


All surfaces painted in System KAN-therm recess mounted cabinets are additionally covered with a foil layer. Such design of cabinets protects them from possible damage to paint coating or its destruction or soiling during the construction and installation works. After all finishing work is completed, the protective film must be torn off from all cabinet surfaces, thus creating a new surface free of scratches and dirt.



To summarize, Slim and Slim+ cabinets mean:

High quality material — certified, coated sheet metal is used for the production of Slim and Slim+ cabinets, in RAL 9016 traffic white (smooth gloss).



Easy installation — vertical adjustment of the front and body for the entire life cycle.

Cabinet depth regulation  allows versatile assembly, also of manifolds with mixing units.


Surface protection — using a special protective foil, the front surfaces of Slim and Slim+ cabinets are protected against damage during assembly and finishing works.


KAN-therm quality — laser marking of cabinet front is a guarantee of the highest product quality and 100% originality.  

Clean, aesthetic surfaces — thin cabinet front fits perfectly with the wall; no additional frame means no additional gaps and surfaces where dust and other impurities may deposit.

DIN rail — for quick and easy installation of control elements in cabinets in Slim+ version.


Move & Lock function — is a special design of the manifold's fastening bolts, thanks to which they can be freely positioned on the mounting rail, without the need to screw them on or risking their moving along the rail.


Shutters — placed in the upper part of the body of the Slim+ cabinet, enable an easy and aesthetic way of connecting the pipes supplying the manifold or the electric wires of the automatics, which are embedded inside the wall.


Information about the floor height — 'min' and 'max' markers for the total thickness of the finished flooring.


Comfortable work — thanks to wing nuts no additional tools are needed.



More information:

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