KAN-therm: Features and avantages
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Features and avantages


High quality material — certified, coated sheet metal is used for the production of Slim and Slim+ cabinets, in RAL 9016 traffic white (smooth gloss).



Easy installation — vertical adjustment of the front and body for the entire life cycle.

Cabinet depth regulation  allows versatile assembly, also of manifolds with mixing units.


Surface protection — using a special protective foil, the front surfaces of Slim and Slim+ cabinets are protected against damage during assembly and finishing works.


KAN-therm quality — laser marking of cabinet front is a guarantee of the highest product quality and 100% originality.  

Clean, aesthetic surfaces — thin cabinet front fits perfectly with the wall; no additional frame means no additional gaps and surfaces where dust and other impurities may deposit.

DIN rail — for quick and easy installation of control elements in cabinets in Slim+ version.


Move & Lock function — is a special design of the manifold's fastening bolts, thanks to which they can be freely positioned on the mounting rail, without the need to screw them on or risking their moving along the rail.


Shutters — placed in the upper part of the body of the Slim+ cabinet, enable an easy and aesthetic way of connecting the pipes supplying the manifold or the electric wires of the automatics, which are embedded inside the wall.


Information about the floor height — 'min' and 'max' markers for the total thickness of the finished flooring.


Comfortable work — thanks to wing nuts no additional tools are needed.