KAN-therm: KAN-therm InoxFlow
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KAN-therm InoxFlow

KAN-therm InoxFlow description:

New line of KAN-therm manifolds is based on 1.4301 grade stainless steel beams. 

Innovative production technology and the use of a stainless steel profile with a larger inner diameter and a smaller wall thickness than in the case of the brass construction have resulted in the hydraulic capabilities of KAN-therm InoxFlow manifolds almost twice as big as in the case of brass version, without sacrificing mechanical durability. 


All KAN-therm InoxFlow manifolds are covered by a 10-year warranty for the beam profile and a 2-year warranty for control elements, automation elements and circulation pump.

A wide range of variants of the new KAN-therm InoxFlow manifolds covers 100% of current brass constructions and will eventually replace them in the KAN-therm offer.  


Unique features and advantages:

Higher hydraulic capacity

Thanks to the use of high-quality stainless steel, the design has been tweaked and the size of manifold beams has been increased to 1 ¼"! Compared to manifolds with brass beams present on the market, the active cross-section area of KAN-therm InoxFlow beam is more than 1.5 times larger. Therefore, with KAN-therm InoxFlow manifolds you can handle higher flow without worrying that the capacity of the beam is not sufficient.


Graph 1 Maximum flow rate through the manifold beam


Health care

Compared to brass, stainless steel also means higher resistance to chloride ions dissolved in water and no possibility of migration of undesirable elements (e.g. lead) from low quality metal alloys to drinking water and thus, higher hygiene and safety.


Laser marking of beams

KAN-therm logo is the guarantee of product originality and assurance of the highest quality.


Modern design

Design does not focus only on high aesthetics, but also on functionality and practicability. Keeping that in mind, we introduced some useful solutions.

Tags on clamps informing about how to connect the heat source will help to avoid any mistakes during installation.

Specially designed plastic clamps with elastomeric inserts with vibration damping function ensure that our manifolds will not disturb even the most sensitive ears. 


Clear room identification 

The laser numbering on a beam arranges the individual circuits of a manifold, and thanks to the included sticker, there is a possibility of additional description of individual rooms. This label can be easily placed inside the cabinet. 



The modern, elegant fascia panel is an additional accessory which organizes and secures all the manifold's connection elements,
especially electrical wiring of control automatics.